Insula Hotel


The center of Favignana, rich in buildings of great historical and architectural value, among which “la casa d’u sinnacheddo” (home to the Aegusa Hotel) and the facilities related to the tuna-fishing factory, offers a wide range of shopping and leisure opportunities.
The village is surrounded by beautiful beaches and small bays where you can spend pleasant days sunbathing and diving in crystal-clear waters.
The island can be explored by bike or scooter (which can be rented on site) and it has a lush countryside characterised by the typical “Hypogean Gardens”, obtained by transforming the old tuff quarries (that are currently disused) into gardens.
It is also possible, by speaking to our staff, to organise boat excursions in order to fully enjoy the colours, flavours and history of this part of Mediterranean, as well as to do snorkeling or to visit the grottoes along the coast. Moreover, the mountain on the island is ideal for trekking and walks through the Mediterranean maquis and the island’s spontaneous flora.